At Magimix Recipes We Love Food and Hate Waste - Don't You?

In the UK we throw away a massive £12 billion worth of food every year, which could have been eaten.

The Love Food Hate Waste programme from WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) shows by doing easy practical things in the home every day we can all waste less food. Less wasted food in turn benefits our pockets as well as the environmen. Save money, while saving the planet. Kind of makes sense doesn't it.

If every one of us in the UK stopped wasting food, we could replicate the environmental impact of removing 1 in 4 cars from our roads. That's staggering!

On the website you'll find:
  • many delicious recipes to help you with leftovers using your Magimix Food Processor
  • hints, tips and tricks for storing food to make it last longer
  • a portion calculator to help you cook the exact amounts so reducing wastage
  • information on what food date labels mean
At Love Food Hate Waste there is literally something for everyone... whether you are a keen home cook or just want to reduce the amount of food you find yourself throwing in the bin every day.

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